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Changing all the Rules

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Meet Fran Lee
Out of Her Dreams 06/12/2009
Hallie's Cats 7/31/2009
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Nothing but Sex 05/14/2010
Woman On Fire 09/03/2010

Hard Work, Hot Boss PRINT 08/04/11
Uncertainly Yours 12/16/2011
My Sexy Sensei 7/27/2012
Come, My Love 8/29/2012
Never Tempt Fate 9/26/2012

Broken Rules PRINT 11/23/2012
Skinwalker's Woman 10/18/2013
Modern Tastes Anthology 01/01/2014
Holiday Wishes Tales... 03/25/2014
Switch Me On 08/20/2014
Their Alpha Bitch 3/15/2015
Ride the Night Winds: Hunter's Moon
Changing all the Rules