Double Your Pleasure

Double Your Pleasure

Copyright 2010 by Fran Lee

Helen is working a latte shop just outside an upscale high-rise apartment in Manhattan. Switching shifts with her boss, she finds herself face-to-face with the most delicious, maddeningly arrogant men she’s ever met. He's hot and sexy as hell, but the fact that he can't lift his eyes from her chest is a strike against him. Too bad he's such a jerk…she would have loved to get to know him better. But as soon as he’s out of sight, she turns around to find another one, just like him, but this one looks her in the eye, and has a smile that takes her breath away. Dear Lord, there are two of them?

Jason and Jonathon Blackstone have the same taste in clothes, cars and women. Identical twins, they often trade clothes…and sometimes they even share their women. Jon may have seen her first, but Jace intends to be the man who gets her. Unfortunately, he may just end up having to share again, since the sexy coffee girl seems to want them both.


Copyright © FRAN LEE, 2010

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

She was counting out change for an elderly couple who had just sprung for a decadently sweet pair of marshmallow vanilla mint lattes when she saw him again. He must have gone and changed, because instead of the screamingly expensive charcoal suit, he was wearing a screamingly expensive leather sport jacket with a blue shirt, the collar open to show off a hot expanse of copper-bronze throat and a peep of delicious muscle at the vee of his collar. No tie. She wondered if maybe he'd slopped the latte he'd just bought down his front and had gone to change. Served him right for being an asshole. She glanced up as he approached. God! Too bad. Because she could almost taste that lush, coppery tanned skin. He must have changed his cologne, as well. Maybe he'd hopped in the shower.

Hmmm. That meant he lived close by. She fought back a growl deep in her throat as he stepped up to the counter and smiled slowly down at her, making her belly do another damn cliff-dive off the Chrysler Building.

She smiled pleasantly up at him, and the dimple that curled into his cheek nearly made her swallow her tongue. He was soo hot! "Can I get your order? Again?"

Jason Blackstone lifted one black brow and let his eyes slip over her clear complexion and blue eyes, over the pained smile to her full bottom lip and back to her eyes again. "I’d really love to have a caramel mocha latte, triple sweet with extra cream." His delicious deep voice was quiet and held a note of question.

The woman heaved a sigh and said patiently, "Still no caramel. You want a repeat of the one I made you earlier?" She seemed pissed off. Hmmm. Only one explanation.

Jace inhaled the softly floral scent of her tousled warm blonde hair before he smiled. "I see you already met my brother." His smile was rueful now. "Yeah. I'll take whatever he had." The woman blinked and her jaw dropped. She stared at him like he had two heads, and he couldn't help but react with a slow, wicked grin.

"There can’t possibly be two of you," she blurted, before hot color flooded her cheeks.

He watched, fascinated, as warm color spread from her neckline up over that sweetly damp face, as she blew a tendril of honey hair out of her face and chewed that lush lower lip so enticingly. Sweet Lord, but he would love to feel that full, pouty lip as he sucked it into his mouth to nibble and tease it. Her eyes slid away in delightful embarrassment, and he wanted to reach across the counter and pull her up to kiss that utterly edible mouth.

He laughed softly, and the whipped-cream sound curled around her mind, shooting straight down to her belly, then burst upward toward her breasts. Holy shit! Two men who looked like that? Two men who had this kind of sorcerer’s effect on her poor mind and body? She turned quickly to get his latte, and when it was sealed, she shoved it across the glass. A twenty was sitting there, and she picked it up, turning to ring the latte up.

"Keep the change. If you had to deal with Jon earlier, you earned it. I see you still have all your clothes on, and you don’t look like you’ve been attacked and bent over the counter for a quickie."

She started to tell him his brother certainly wouldn’t have gotten that far with her, but he just grinned wickedly and saluted her with the steaming cup, before heading toward the cab stand on the corner.

She stood staring after his retreating broad shoulders, her heart thumping madly in her chest. Twins. Dear Lord! The thought of two men like that almost caused her to hyperventilate. Fantasies of the asshole and the not-so-asshole flitted through her mind as she turned to the next customer, and forced her mind back to business. But after seeing the matched pair of hotties, her libido was on overdrive all day long, and all she could do was pray for quitting time so she could take the subway home and dig out her little box of toys!

* * * *
Jon sat in the rear seat of the limo, sipping his latte thoughtfully. It had been a damn long time since any female had caught him off center at first sight, and he savored the thought of getting past that chilly façade and into those undoubtedly hot panties. He shifted as his cock swelled to fill his boxers and press against his zipper uncomfortably. He thought about the sexy little coffee girl sucking him until his brain melted, and he gave a soft groan. Damn! Now he had a hard-on from hell, and he was due in a meeting in ten minutes.

He shoved futilely at his cock, but he only managed to get it more interested. Fuck! He closed his eyes and counted to fifty, but when uninvited visions of the little blonde crawling up his body and grabbing him, taking his swollen cock into her mouth invaded his count, he decided that the only way he was going to get his cock to behave was to create pain in some other portion of his body. He grimaced and took a hefty swallow of the steaming coffee, and gasped as the scalding liquid burned his tongue and palate.

Okay, that definitely worked. But he didn't want to get into the habit of abusing his tongue. He had to do something about the coffee girl—and soon.

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