Hello! I'm Fran Lee!

I write hot, sensuous romance for Ellora's Cave Publishing.

I love writing romance, and I love hearing from my readers when they enjoy my books, so please feel free to e-mail from my "contact Fran" page below!

If you have purchased any of my books and would like a signed Cover Flat for the book, simply e-mail a copy of the receipt from Ellora's Cave and I will mail out a lovely glossy cover flat as well as a beautiful little "mini" bookmark with the book's cover on it.

Here's a fact that very few people know about me...

I hold a second degree black belt in American Kenpo. I started taking Martial Arts classes when I was 45, and received my black belt at 50. Now, that's determination...since most people start taking classes at 6 or so, and are considered a "senior" in the MA at age 35. LOL! So I guess that officially made me an "old fart" before I even started.

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