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Skinwalker's Woman

Just Erotic Romance Reviews says...

Title: Skinwalker’s Woman

Author: Fran Lee

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Reviewer: Gabrielle Lee

Rating: 4 Stars

Heat Level: H

After a painful ordeal in her love life, Chellie decides that she has had enough and takes a trip to find some solitude. When she goes looking for the cabin she has rented, she finds much more than she bargained for. The cabin may not be wanted but the man in it is certainly fits the bill. Only Chellie may be too scared to face the truth of what she truly wants in her heart. Can she let Zeke in or will she run away from love?

I enjoyed my time with Zeke and Chellie in Skinwalker’s Woman. They make a great couple. Both long for love and must decide to trust their hearts. Pain has been in both of their lives and it takes time to heal but Chellie and Zeke may just find healing in each other. Watching the relationship develop between the two was a wonderful. Trust is earned the hard way with patience and time. Lust is there from the start but love blossoms.

As hot as their relationship is the love that they find shows through it all. Though the book focuses on just the two of them, Skinwalker’s Woman is well worth because Zeke and Chellie journey from pain and mistrust to find love and happiness.

Amazon Reviews says...

Skinwalker’s Woman

5.0 out of 5 stars

What an amazing story!

November 1, 2013

By Shelleyanne Fogarty

Well written, a page turner read it in a few hours and was sad that this amazing story ended. I have found a new must-read author, she will join my list along with Lora Leigh, Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon and many other great romance authors. This book is a 5 star must buy

Night Owl Erotic Reviews says...

Night Owl Reviews

Rated: 4 stars

Skinwalker’s Woman

I was really pleased this book wasn’t one of those stereotypical white woman meets ‘noble savage’ romances. I liked the originality of the two main characters both being Native Americans.

Women tend to be intimidated not to mention terrified by Zeke’s looks; he’s big, scarred and he is a skinwalker with the ability to change into more than one form. His tribe has never accepted him and women steer clear of him, so when his mentor tells him to expect his woman will come to him, he is dubious. Women apart from his mother and sister have always run away from him, so he lives alone and isolated.

Then Chellie appears; a citified woman who finds him attractive and is only too eager to share his bed. Zeke needs more than that though, but he has nothing to offer her but his love.

Ms. Lee always writes an emotive and very hot romance. Chellie has to learn to accept that for the first time, she has met a man who is not interested in her bank balance but in her. A man who can change forms. I loved their vulnerabilities and how they overcame them in order to accept that they were both worthy of being loved. Ms. Lee always knows how to draw the reader in, not to mention make us women readers jealous that we aren’t the main female character.

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