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Fran Lee
Ellora's Cave
ISBN # 9781419923289

August 2009
Ultimate Romance

Hallie James is thirty-four years old, recently divorced, and has moved to Rutledge to escape bad memories. As Hallie was walking home from work, a pit bull came right at her at full speed. With no where to run she stood paralyzed waiting for the dog to attack. Suddenly there was a man in front of her, she wondered what it was about this man that makes her lose all common sense. Danger is coming her way; is she strong enough to deal with the threat?

Gar had a debt to repay to an old man.The old man saved Cal's life, and he gave three wanderers a home, no questions asked. So when Hallie moved into the old Halleran place, Gar took it upon himself to protect this innocent female. Although he was very attracted to her, he never expected her to be so responsive to him. Only one of his own kind should have been able to recognize his scent. Will she accept that it will not be a monogamous relationship?

HALLIE'S CATS is an erotic romance where author Fran Lee gives us a look into the world of shape-shifters. Gar and Hallie are ideal for each other and I'm hoping to see Cal get his own story. This a short story, so the reading is fast paced, and the sex is hot! This is one you don't want to miss.

Reviewed by Gloria Gehres
Rated 4

TwoLips Reviews

Title: Hallie's Cats

Author: Fran Lee

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: paranormal, menage, shapeshifter
Publication date: July 2009

ISBN: 9781419923289

Pages: 69

Series: N/A

Reviewer: Lila

Heat Level: two peppers ~ HOT! m/f/m, shifter sex scenes, anal play

Rating: Four Lips*

Hallie James has moved to Rutledge to escape bad memories of a divorce, and the little town seems like just the place to start over. There is more to her though than she knows.

Gar has been keeping an eye on Hallie for awhile now. So when his dog gets loose one night when she's out walking and scares the pants off of her, he comes to her rescue. Something very strange happens between the two of them. Gar is no ordinary man. He's a leopard shifter, and Hallie has no idea what danger he could be in by keeping her safe.

All she knows is that he puts out some wicked pheromones that knock her socks off. Once she bonds with him, she starts to see visions that are disturbingly and hauntingly familiar. Visions that are about Gar's dead soul mate.

And what about Gar's sinfully sexy little brother Cal? Hallie finds she's just as wildly attracted to him as she is to Gar. All these revelations are new and foreign to her. Can she learn to live with not just one shifter male, but two? Especially when all they want to do is pleasure her and fulfill her every desire?

Fran Lee’s Hallie’s Cats is a whirlwind romance that sweeps you up fast. There is a lot of story in the short amount of pages, and Ms. Lee did a very good job of keeping the flow of the book moving quickly along.

This is a whole new genre for Ms. Lee and while she adapts to the paranormal genre well, I was a little hesitant to believe Hallie's quick acceptance of such drastic life changes. It just didn’t feel to me like they were addressed as well as they could have been.

I am hoping that Ms. Lee will continue this series and delve more into this intriguing trio. Hallie’s Cat’s is definitely a good quick foray into the very erotic paranormal world of Fran Lee.

ParaNormal Romance Reviews

"A fast-paced, steamy erotic read"

Walking home from a grocery store, Hallie James has a scary encounter with a pit bull. Not a dog person, she has no idea how to handle the situation. Luckily the owner comes to her rescue, but now she has a new problem.

She can't speak for how utterly unbelievably hot he is. Had she just died and gone to heaven? There was nothing that hot on this earth, except maybe his brother!

Feeling as if she is drunk or sick being near Gar, Hallie does not understand that it's the cat pheromones she is reacting to. She is about to get an erotic lesson all about cat shifters and the delicious things they can do.

Gar and Cal have lived in Rutledge for many years, repaying a blood debt to an old friend. Vowing to protect their friend's beloved town. Gar has kept that oath, staying away from the humans and protecting them from afar. Until Hallie came. She was as attracted to him as he was to her. Unable to help himself he gives into the heat that burns between the two. Now all he has to do is explain to her about being his Mate, that she is part cat shifter herself, and that female cats usually need more than one mate to sate them.

For all paranormal erotica fans, Fran Lee has penned a delightfully sexy, fast paced sexually charged read that will leave you fully satisfied. Hallie is a fun character, who I envy! Gar and Cal are two sexy cat shifters whose sexuality are delightful! Great plot, with a hint of action and danger and a whole lot of sexual erotic fun! Don't miss out on this great read! Can't wait to see what Ms. Lee comes up with next!

Reviewed by Missy Brown
Posted September 6, 2009


Hallie James loves cats—she just never realized she was one herself. Not until she met delicious leopard shifters Gar and Cal, one sinfully dark, one beautifully golden.

A terrifying meeting with a runaway pit bull lands her on her butt on the sidewalk. But when the dog’s owners appear out of nowhere, asking if she’s all right, Hallie has the most shocking reaction to their mouthwatering…scent!

Cat pheromones are powerful, and Gar and Cal’s attraction to the human is as instant as hers is to them. Hallie finds herself caught between two cats—hot and hard Gar, and his hot and delicious little brother Cal. When a gal is confronted with such a succulent choice, why not enjoy the fact that cats aren’t monogamous?

Genre: Line: Twilight (Shapeshifter), Erotic, Multiple Partners
Book Length: Novella
Book Type: eBook


By Kimberley Spinney on Aug 24, 2009

Genre: paranormal

ISBN: 9781419923289

Page Count: 69

Price: $4.45

Reviewer: Kimberley Spinney

Sensuality Rating: Sizzling

Star Rating: 4 Stars

Hallie's Cats is a feast for the senses. With shapeshifting cats and sexy men, this is the perfect erotic paranormal romance.

The story and plot are enchanting and the three main characters are truly charismatic. With a storyline that is fresh and bold, Hallie's Cats is the perfect read when you want a paranormal fix that is super sizzling. This is a must read scorcher.

Hallie loves cats, but she had no idea that she was one. When she finds herself knocked over by a large pit bull owned by the sexy Gar and Cal, she finds herself utterly intoxicated. Both men are shapeshifting leopards, where one is darkly beautiful, the other is deliciously golden.

What none of them are expecting is the reaction that Hallie has to their scent. The pheromones that the two men give off draws her to them just as powerfully as they are drawn to her. Hallie is caught between them and what else is there to do but choose them both?

Fran Lee has written a seductive novella that will hook any fan of the paranormal genre. The two men are hot enough to burn up the pages and the sex is absolutely searing. The drama and danger that is entwined in the story just makes it all the more appealing.

This is a must own story that will enchant any reader. I can not wait to read more of Fran Lee's work.

The Romance Studio Review

Hallie's Cats

Fran Lee

Paranormal erotic romance

Available from Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419923289
August 2009

Finding herself on her butt in the middle of the sidewalk, scared silly by a pit bull running right at her with a crazed look in his eyes and a mouth filled with lots of big teeth, isn't exactly what Hallie James was looking forward to on her walk home from work. When she meets the dog's owner, Gar and his little brother Cal, Hallie finds herself getting a crazed look in her eyes and doing a little salivating of her own. Between their delightfully sinful bodies and their mouthwatering scent -- that's intense and driving her to erotic thoughts of bodies -- Hallie is a goner. It seems the cat lover in her has found herself two delicious leopard shifters who want nothing more than to please her in every way possible. What's a girl to do when with two men? Why enjoy them! Good thing these cats like to share!

Ms. Lee has created a sinfully delectable tale that will sweep the reader away with its pulse pounding delights, intriguing mix of characters and touches of laugh-out-loud humor that is sure to please. The bewitching plot -- a captivating shifter romance that is sinfully addictive and readers are going to be sad when they reach the very last page. For a quickie romance, the author has done a superb job of vividly detailing the characters as well as the compelling action leaving little for the imagination of the reader. The daringly wicked characters, Gar, Cal, and Hallie seem to leap directly off the pages and into the readers' hearts. Each one of these appealing characters is outlandish, enchanting, and unpredictable.

The raw, randy, and very frequent love -- play whether it's between Hallie and one of her men or involves the three of them is varied and smoking hot. Yet, it's still filled with touches of tenderness and touching hearts also. The mating ritual between Hallie and Gar will have the reader chuckling one minute and holding their breath the next in anticipation of what's to come. The added element of suspenseful creatures and the fight between good and evil just increases the wildness of the story.

Author Fran Lee delivers a winner with Hallie's Cats! I look forward to more from this wonderful author.

Overall rating: 4 hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Shannon
September 3, 2009

Howling Good Books Reviews

Hallie’s Cats by Fran Lee

Reviewed by Nicole Hicks

Hallie’s Cats by Fran Lee
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419923289
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: EROTICA!!!
Paw Prints: FIVE!!!

Hallie moved to Rutledge to leave bad memories behind. Memories of a relationship gone wrong. What she doesn’t expect is for a stranger to be lickably yummy. Or his huge dog named Tigger to scare her half out of her wits.

Gar knew there was something different about Hallie when she moved into the Halleran place. Especially since he could not get her out of his mind. Could this human female be the one for him? Or is this just some aberration?

Rutledge is a safe place. A place where people do not even lock their doors at night. It is the perfect place to repair one’s heart. Or so Hallie believes. Is she right? Or would it be the perfect place to lose it? We will find out with Hallie’s Cats.

Fran Lee had me hot and laughing at the same time! This short story was both hotly erotic and hilarious! I love it when an author is that talented! The sensuality was an explosion of imagery that easily steamed the air around me. I LOVED it! And the way she worded some things made me laugh out loud, and I had to share them immediately!

Although there were a few instances that made me squint a bit, they were explained in such a way that I felt silly for flinching. This is definitely a tale that I will be sharing! And an author that I will start following!

Joyfully Reviewed Says...

Hallie’s Cats by Fran Lee

Ellora’s Cave
Paranormal M/F/M
ISBN: 9781419923289
Reviewed by Lisa

Decades pass as Gar and Cal protect the people of Rutledge from harm, from those who see humans as a food source. A pack of Lykos have settled nearby, but Gar and Cal, leopard shape shifters, are stronger and able to defend the oblivious human population.

Newly divorced and new to Rutledge, Hallie James doesn’t realize that Gar and Cal have saved her life on several occasions. A small scare and a chance meeting set events in motion that in turn will shock and thrill the two shifters as well as a disbelieving Hallie. Some things in life are taken for granted while others are appreciated for the gift they are.

Hallie’s Cats heat up the pages in this steamy tale of love, lost and found. An average thirty something woman sandwiched between two hot shifters makes Hallie’s Cats an entertaining, sensual treat. An enjoyable, relatively simple storyline with heart pounding carnal moments brings Hallie’s Cats to life.

Dark Divas Reviews Says...

Hallie’s Cats by Fran Lee

Hallie’s Cats by Fran Lee
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Erotic Paranormal
Review Copy Received from Author

Summary: Hallie James loves cats—she just never realized she was one herself. Not until she met delicious leopard shifters Gar and Cal, one sinfully dark, one beautifully golden.

A terrifying meeting with a runaway pit bull lands her on her butt on the sidewalk. But when the dog’s owners appear out of nowhere, asking if she’s all right, Hallie has the most shocking reaction to their mouthwatering…scent!

Cat pheromones are powerful, and Gar and Cal’s attraction to the human is as instant as hers is to them. Hallie finds herself caught between two cats—hot and hard Gar, and his hot and delicious little brother Cal. When a gal is confronted with such a succulent choice, why not enjoy the fact that cats aren’t monogamous?

Melissa’s Review: Hallie’s Cats by Fran Lee is a short novella at only sixty-nine pages. This is a fast-paced story, and Ms. Lee dives right into the very erotic relationship between Hallie, Gar, and Cal.

I enjoyed the undeniably powerful attraction between Hallie, Gar, and Cal. When they come together, whether as a couple, or as a ménage, the meeting is explosive and passionate. Hallie’s Cats has plenty of hot sex to indulge this erotica lover.

The premise of the plot and characters was very good. I would have enjoyed it just a bit more if the plot and character development had been expanded to include a little more information. I also felt that Hallie accepted the newfound knowledge of cat shifters and her life change a little too readily. However, with the length of Hallie’s Cats, it is harder to take a character through their emotional changes quickly enough to make the story completely believable.

Hallie’s Cat is still a very fun and exciting read that I had a hard time putting down. This is my first time reading work by Fran Lee, and I can see by this short novella that I simply must read more books by this talented author.

Rated 4 Delightful Divas by Melissa!

Bitten by Books says...

Reviewed by Aymee

Hallie had always been a cat lover, but little did she know the true reasons why. She comes face to face with those reasons one night while walking home from work. Confronted by a runaway pit bull, she is saved by the dog’s owner, leopard shifter Gar. Uncontrollably attracted to him, she indulges in some impulsive sex with the shifter and discovers she is one, too.

Confident and independent, Hallie is just fine living on her own. She is a night shift waitress at a bar, paying her way in a relatively safe town--until she meets Gar. Along with his brother, Cal, he tests and pushes the limits of all that Hallie once knew as boundaries.

Gar is the alpha male of the pack; Cal, his faithful beta. Tall and dark, Gar is positive that he knows Hallie from somewhere, and not just around the neighborhood. Once he discovers her secret, he's more than willing to stick by her side and see her through her first shift safely. He's just alpha enough to compete with her, but is he man enough to control her?

Cal is Gar's opposite in many ways. He’s golden, where Gar is dark, naive where his brother is experienced. And he's looking to learn all his brother has to teach him. After agreeing to watch Hallie's back when Gar's not around, he also gets permission to help satisfy her insatiable needs.

The three come together in an explosion of sex, passion, and claws that will melt your monitor and steam your mouse for certain. Sparks fly both in and out of the bedroom as this alpha male and his gorgeous alpha female go head to head over the littlest of things. A short and very sexy read sure to please even the finickiest of feline palates.

Rating: 4 Gnomes

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