News 12/01/11

Sigh. It's been a busy three months, and I am sorry that I didn't get my NEWS page up on the first as I had hoped.

As you are aware, my newest book, Uncertainly Yours, was released on December 16, 2011, and I want to offer many thanks to those of you who joined in my new release drawing! It was fun, and I had more entries than I expected, since I did not spam my loops and groups with dozens of reminders.

One of the highlights of my year was being selected as a Finalist once more for the EPIC Awards, with Woman on Fire in the Contemporary Erotic Romance Division. It's always a thrill to know one of my books was good enough to make it into the finals!

Christmas is over, it is Boxing Day in Canada, and New Years Eve is hustling right on up to the door. LOL! I took my poor tree down to save it from continuing raids by the kitties. It fell prey twice (right to the floor!) when they climbed aboard to see what was on the top branches. Got very tired to picking the whole thing up and putting ornaments and lights back on, so I finally duck-taped it to the floor!

Anyway, took pity on the cats and removed the temptation so they would not have to be tossed into time-out in my bathroom for an hour with every transgression. LOL! They are so used to being tossed into time-out, each time they get yelled at, they run right to the bathroom door and wait. Snort!

I will be having a New Year's Party beginning on January 1, 2012. All are invited to attend.

Prizes will include several 13-month Fran Lee wall calendars, free print books, e-books, and Fran Lee coffee mugs, as well as other fun stuff. Check out my blog on January 1st!

Hope you had a marvelous holiday season...and here's wishing for an even better New Year!

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