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September 2011

What's Happening With Fran Lee?

(Or...Where the heck has Fran been these past 6 months?)

Well, I have been arm wrestling with my missing muse, trying to get her back on board! I have been in a writing funk for nearly a year (you have probably noticed that I haven't even been keeping my blogs up lately) and I finally won the contest. However, after subbing two stories to my new editor, and getting both back with the infamous "R&R" (revise and resubmit) offer, I fell off the earth again for a bit, going through another one of those "Should I ever bother" phases.

With the help of some of my good friends, I got back on and resubbed Uncertainly Yours. It took a couple of months to get a reply, but finally got a contract offer. Whoot!

Now all I am waiting on is my first set of edits. Already got the cover.

In the meantime, Ellora's Cave took two of my short novels and put them into a collection print titled Hard Work, Hot Boss. It was released August 4, 2011. Got my author copies, and I cannot tell you how great it feels to have your book in your hand!

I am going to Romanticon in September, and welcome any of you to join me there for lunch, brunch, or supper, just to chat and share info. If you have purchased any of my print books, drag them along in your luggage and I will happily sign them for you during our breaks. You won't be able to bring them to me at the Sunday book signing, because they only allow you to have books signed that you have purchased that day. Let me know if you will be there, and we will get together. Use my "Contact Fran" page to send me an e-mail.

Hope to see you there!

Have a wonderful month...



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