Newsletter June 2011

Fran's News for June 2011

I have joined and enjoyed many Yahoo Groups over the past couple of years, but most of the really big ones that schedule chats have so many members who never bother to show up for anyone's chat but their own, I have given up on chatting there. What does it matter if a loop has 3,000 members, if only a dozen show up for your chats? :)

So I started my own small, cozy chat group, for anyone who loves romance and is an author, a reviewer, or a reader.

Our chats are small, interesting, and full of excerpts, contests, and fun.

If you want to come visit one of our chats, go over to:

Fran Lee and Friends!

It is a small loop and I want readers to enjoy loads of hot excerpts. It is also an ADULT group, so anyone who joins must give their name and date of birth.